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ESCAPE! is a hard-hitting, fact-based radio show that provides important life-or-death information for the person considering to expatriate. Host Blake Sawyer details WHERE you can survive a plethora of disasters that are happening right now and those that will happen in the near future. Whether they are natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts or floods; or the global economic crises, wars, pandemics, famines, ruthless governments or any number of life-threatening problems an expat would face. There are many places that are potentially dangerous to an expat, yet there a few safe havens that are/will be immune from these crises. ESCAPE! helps you make the best decision on expatriation so you do not “jump from the frying pan into the fire”.

Your Host

Blake Sawyer is a health educator, author, trends researcher, successful entrepreneur, and an expert in the field of expat-safe-havens.

Mr. Sawyer has appeared on over 100 radio shows in the past 35 years.

Decades ago he developed a protocol that can reverse nearly any illness or condition, but was persecuted by the medical establishment and government officials.

He had a major epiphany after realizing that his passion to help people that were terminally ill (and those who were given no hope of surviving their illness by the medical community) was considered “illegal” in the United States. Mr. Sawyer soon discovered the truths behind the “conspiracy” to keep Americans sick, weak, and brainwashed.

This awakening led him to spend much of his time, energy, and money researching the globalist”s plans for world domination; as well as the extermination of most of the world”s population. He was subsequently involved as a behind-the-scenes researcher for several #1 best selling books on the subject and is a published author himself.

Blake has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles over the past 35 years, researching and seeking “safe havens” on the planet that will provide opportunity for people to survive “The Collapse”. He has written several substantial articles on the subject as well as writing a blog (around 200 times per year) that is published on his website

Blake enjoys spending time with his two teenage children. He is also a gourmand and wine connoisseur. Though considered a very private person, you may find Blake and his wife, of 25 years, dining at fine culinary establishments around the globe.

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