John Cobin

Dr. John Cobin is host of the Red Hot Chile radio program and an expert on Chile, especially from an expat perspective. Combined with his experience as an economics scholar and professor, John’s many years in Chile provides insights into the great opportunities the country offers westerners. He is a real expat, having gone through the challenges personally, and helping many others through the years.
His articles are read widely throughout the country, along with books published in Spanish and English alike.  In prior years, he worked as a financial advisor and a small business entrepreneur (including being a gold coin arbitrager), and was a radio talk show host and columnist. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Dr. Cobin has lived in Chile for most of the last twenty years and is married to a Chilena (Pamela). Few have seen as much of Chile as he has, having visited every place in Chile with more than 500 inhabitants (except Isla Juan Fernández) along with many scenic spots. His blog on Chile has hundreds of substantial entries: see
He has written many books, three of which have to do with Chile: Life in Chile: A Former American’s Guide for Newcomers, Expatriates to Chile: Topics for Living and his most recent addition, Living in Chile: Key Details of History, Culture, Politics, and Places for the Serious Immigrant. These have proven indispensable among expats and newcomers. You can find them at
More recently Red Hot Chile has teamed up with EscapeArtist Chile ( and to reach more with great insights into Chile. EscapeArtist Chile provides a much needed introduction for aspiring expats and tourists while is designed to help immigrants and Chilean nationals network and get more involved with Chile, both before and after arriving in Chile.
Dr. Cobin is well known in Chile on account of his outspoken free market and liberty-oriented views, his letters to the editor (important in Chile) having been published over 1,400 times in the last few years in national and regional papers. On account of this, he is the most widely published academic in Chile. He has also been interviewed on Chilean television radio and in popular magazines like The Clinic and many newspapers. There is probably no foreigner who knows Chile better than Dr. Cobin. He is a world traveler, too, having visited 70 countries so far, and having spent considerable time in Chile, the United States and Italy.
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